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Guinea pigs make the most amazing interactive pets. We we know more about guinea pigs today than ever before.

Here you will find a wealth of knowledge, tips, tricks, support and so much more to help you care and enjoy your pet guinea pigs.

I hope that through this site, you will be inspired and encouraged to get to know your guinea pigs more in depth. Through extensive hands on knowledge of running Cavy Central which is the largest, fully dedicated and oldest guinea pig rescue in NSW, I want to share globally how much more there is to know about guinea pigs.

Please explore the site. Join our facebook community for more urgent questions that you may have and of course check out the addition of a small shop. These items I encourage you to purchase as they are tried and tested, and you will know this directly helps my work here at Cavy Central. Under the heading Cavy Central – there are many links as to how to reach out for help with adoptions/surrenders/fostercaring etc.

The success around rescuing and rehoming so many (thousands) guinea pigs over the years, revolves around you, our community. I need your support in order to sustain this and build a platform that can help so many others that are all over the world.

I appreciate you being here and I hope that you get to enjoy your pets as much as they wll love being with you and loved by you.


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Rescue is a massive undertaking and your support in everyway is appreciated, so stay tuned for some amazing news in this space!


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There are many beautiful piggies that need to find homes. Please click through to see who is currently available and who is looking for a home. Complete the adoption information which will come to us and we will contact you.

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Guinea pig Boarding in Sydney

Are you going away on holidays? We offer indoor and fully covered holiday boarding with your guinea pigs being looked after 24/7 by the most experienced care.

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All about fatty eye!

Fatty eye is a genetic condition in guinea pigs. It makes the ‘pink’ area of the eye ( called the mucosa) become enlarged and eyes look droopy. This is usually a slow process and takes place over a couple of years. It is also found in piggies with a heart condition, so if your piggie…


What to feed your guinea pig

Guinea pigs love their food! They eat often and frequently. They do love treats and variety. Hay, Hay and more Hay The key thing to remember is that hay represently 70% of their diet and this provides not only the fibre for their gut, but will assist in wearing down their constantly growing teeth. There…


How to hold a guinea pig

Guinea pigs are the most delightful pets and they will really love to be with you and be held with you if they are not frightened. The first thing is to know how to hold your guinea pig, and in order to do this, you need to consider the guinea pig first in this equation.…


How to keep my piggie fungal free

As a guinea pig owner you may have heard of fungal infections. These can occur on any mammal – so don’t think that because you have a guinea pig, this pet is more prone to them. Fungal spores can be spread from one mammal to another so this is one of the reasons why it…


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