Going away on holidays? Consider boarding your guinea pigs with Cavy Central.

Cavy Central offers different types of boarding from inside, to fully under cover outside. Depending on how your pets are presently housed we replicate it for you here.

You do not need to bring their cage, but simply through the application process discuss your requirements and we then make arrangements for their cage to be ready for them.

Your guinea pigs will remain together and not interact with other guinea pigs here boarding. They will have grass time when the weather is appropriate as well as fresh veg/grass, pellets and endless beautiful hay as well as fresh water.

They are supervised full time by Lyn who has expert knowledge in their care.

Click on the inquiry button below to request any future dates.

We do at times get very busy and can be booked out, so make sure you make your inquiry early.


Make an Inquiry

If you would like to inquire about boarding – click on the Email link here and we will respond to your questions as quickly as possible.


Boarding Page information

We have a special page where boarding photos and information is kept so you can check in with your pets while you are away.

Your pets are on holiday too, so what better place than to show how they are spending their time and you can check on them while you are away.

Click on the facebook link below to visit the page.