As members of the rodent family, guinea pig teeth grow constantly. With that in mind, they need to wear them down constantly so that they remain healthy. If teeth do overgrow then they do not line up with the surfaces of the opposing teeth. This means that food then cannot be eaten easily or at all. Eventually the teeth will become so overgrown that the guinea pig will end up starving.

Check the following guide for signs of teeth problems:

Teeth are so important to guinea pig health. Regularly check the front teeth to see if they are at odd angles rather than straight or if they have sections missing, broken or protruding.

The front teeth are an indication of rear teeth health. You cannot easily see these. If the front teeth are as oddly fitting as those in the photo, you would suspect the same or worse with the rear teeth.

A good vet is then needed and the teeth can be corrected if given the right treatment.

One of the more obvious signs of teeth issues can be weight loss. As you can see the piggie on the left is virtually bone thin. This is a rescue guinea pig – however hopefully if you are weighing your guinea pig regularly you will notice the weight decrease well before your guinea pig is at this point of starvation.